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I will need just a little help with these few websites. Actually the websites are the easy part.

Jot Healthcare Inc alone can employ 1,000 people in each state. Maybe it would be better to plan on 100 Jot Healthcare Techs in each of the 3,146 U.S. Counties, on average. That is 314,600 healthcare jobs. We will destroy any virus. American healthcare for $200 per month (average), will change lives for everyone in America. One-hundred million Jot Healthcare accounts at $200/month is $20 billion per month or $240 billion per year.

President Trump should start talking about a new $200 per month healthcare plan the Republicans have for all Americans, today! It's called Met Republic.

Route 67 is a Met Republic DNS management company. I have to work on some DNS settings. Then databases. Then websites, images and stylesheets! Fun weekend!

Corey Bailey
Met Republic Inc.